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Insured, clean and always with an ACi attendant to make it safe & fun!

Technological-Interactive   Games

  • Big Screen large screen for all to see, your DVD or cable, circuit TV, our pro sound system, electric required
  • Green Screen Pick your backdrop photo op you pick the background we take the pictures its a win-win situation.  With logo. 
  • Interactive Dance DDR guests dance as instructed on big screen, great fun to dance or watch, electric required
  • Interactive Bowling guests bowl on big screen game, single play or develop a team, electric required
  • Guitar Hero guests play guitar as instructed on big screen, makes guitar playing so much fun, electric required
  • Rock Band follow instructions on big screen to make that band sound, makes band playing possible for all. electric req.Aci personell on site.
  • Spin Art guests create spinning art to take home, requires electric, ACi personell manage on site.
  • Tip the Troll & Tic Tac Toe Knock down troll or mark your spot, your skilled throw can win prizes
  • Wheel of Fortune Spin the wheel to win a prize, or choose a category/
  • Dunk Tank Full of water, your skilled throw will knock the nasty character into the water. Requires level ground, water supply & ACi personell to manage on site.


dependent on electric, wind and rain problematic, but so worth it!

  • Moon bounce varies size 15'L X 15'W or more,  inflated area holds your kids while they bounce out all their energy, electric required.
  • Obstacle course varies size, find your way through the inflated course, hours of fun for all ages, electric required
  • Bungee Run 35'L X 10'W, Bun Gee jumping turned sideways, with guests in body harness strapped to bun gee cord. Guests stand pulling cord will all their might to reach the end of 35' inflated alley. Can grab for prizes at end of lane while the crowd cheers them on, requires electricity. Not available during high winds
  • Velcro Wall 14'L X 14'W X 14' H, Guests with sleek velcro suit run and jump onto inflated wall of velcro.  Instantly they find themselves helplessly stuck to the wall. Lots of fun to watch your boss go flying, then get stuck.  Draws a fun crowd. Requires electricity.
  • Bouncy Boxer 14'X14' inflated ring,guests in over sized boxing gloves/protective head gear. 3 minute rounds with ref deciding winner.  Single matches or tournaments, requires electric