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We put the love in & make you look good! 

Burgers (vegetarian too), Dogs, Garlic Chicken, Eggs to Order Grilled on site. Fantastic Hummus, Fajitas, Taos, Beans, Veggies, Slaw, Salad, Fruits. Fresh & Tasty num num...just wanna for specials 703-323-7972!

 We provide on site Chef, equipment, tables, coverings for up to 3 hours.   You sit back and enjoy!

  • HOT DOGS grilled on site with toppings   ($1.40/serving min 100, price lower as quantity higher)
  • HAMBURGERS/CHEESEBURGERS grilled on site.Delicious! With onions,tomatoes,lettuce($3.25/serving min 100, price lower as quantity higher)
  • VEGGIE BURGERS  grilled on site, delicious   ($3.65/serving min 100, price lower as quantity higher)
  • APPETIZERS  small but flavorful, whet your guests appetite but not too much
  • HUMMUS w/pita  creamy and tasty  ($2.20/serving min 100)
  • GARLIC CHICKEN Pieces  marinated and so good, also in BBQ,CURRY or FRIED ($3.85/serving min 100)
  • MILANESAS   Salvadorian flavors on this battered fried steak, a local favorite!  ($3.25/serving min 100)
  • TACOS/FAJITAS  Chicken,  Steak, Bean or Veggie yum, with toppings ($3.75/serving min 100)
  • EGGS TO ORDER  made to order, toppings-cheese,onions,veggies, salsa. w/potatoes,sausage,coffee/water  ($850 up to100 servings)
  • OMLETTES made to order, guests customize their choices with cheese, onions, veggies, salsa ($6/serving min100)addt'l  toppings available
  • PLATTERS  vegetables w dip ($1.10/serving min 100), fruits, cheeses, deli meats, crackers n cheese($1.38/serving min 100) or combinations
  • SIDES vegetarian beans, cole slaw, potato salad, mac n cheese, fruits ($1.38/serving, min 100)
  • SIDES B rice, pastries, rolls, breads  ($1.10/serving, min 100)
  • SERVERS additional fee for servers on site ($95/server for up to 3 hours)
  • DESSERTS  cookies, ice cream, smoothies
  • BEVERAGES Fresh sweet Lemonade (secret recipe), Cold Iced Tea, Water, Coffee, Juice, Chilled Soda in cans. Refreshing                                                                                                                    ($1.10/serving min 100)
Treats & Eats
Table top rentals or use our servers!
  • COTTON CANDY  fresh, warm spun flavored sugar on a stick
  • POPCORN the scent and warmth make this memorable
  • SNOW CONE  just like when you were a kid, variety of flavors you remember and some extras!
  • CARMEL APPLES  seasonal favorite
  • COLORFUL COOKIES  your guests sweet art on a sugar cookie