Why should I use ACi (Associated Consultants, inc)? Aci has been planning your party for over 20 years.  We strive to make your party a success.With our collective experience we have invented new ideas for the party market.  Keeping current with the latest trends and technology we can help you plan the entire party or just parts.  Because of the recent economic downturn we understand the importance of proper party planning.  We help you get the best deal for your guests while making you look goodWe want you to come back year after year for your lifetime of parties!

What are the competitions I see listed on this site? ACi hosts several different types of Karaoke contests throughout the year.  ACI  hosts Celebrate Fairfax Karaoke Competition in the spring (beginning in March, concluding at Fairfax Fair stage early June) which offers a preliminary competition through venues located in Fairfax and outside Fairfax, with venue finalist facing off at the Fair in June 9-10, 2017, monetary prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Rules are listed within this website at the following        Fairfax karaoke Contest  Check back periodically for updates or visit us on facebook at www.facebook.com/AC4DMV 

What's the difference in prices?Each ACi party is unique so that comparing one to another is difficult at best.  What works for one client doesn't always work for another.  With our party experience ACi consultants customize your party, including pricing. For example, some clients want a low key DJ to play background music, dressed casually with tunes from the  80's to present.  Whereas others want a DJ to burn up the dance floor with the hottest tunes to keep the guests moving at all times. Time of day/date/year has effect on pricing.  During Weekends/Holidays entertainment prices are usually higher because demand is higher. Different party approaches require different types of Entertainers.  ACi consultants will help you find your way to the best entertainment for your event. Ask about our current package plans! 

How many servings should I order? It's hard to predict how hungry your guests will be or how many will really show up.  Parties average about 60-80% attendance in general.  Of course your party might be better attended and be closer to 100%.   Adult only parties generally watch caloric content by reducing the amount of high caloric items they choose or avoiding them. Because ACi's catered items are high in flavor sometimes calorie conscious guests will ignore their limitations.  Choose alternatives for vegetarians, gluten intolerant guests or those concerned with their health. ACi consultants will help you find your way to healthy choices for all your event guests without sacrificing good taste. 

When should I schedule entertainment?  When having a party with music know that the music sets the  mood so you will want it to be playing as the guests are arriving.  If you have specific entertainers like clowns, line dance instructors and the like you will want to wait until most of your guests have arrived at the party, usually about 1 hour into the fun.  In terms of scheduling for your date, the earlier the better especially during peak seasons, April, June, Christmas and New Years fill up fast so don't delay..

My school requires insurance. Are you insured? ACi offers verification of insurance to events that need that type of documentation.  Our clients feel comfortable knowing that we are serious about the party planning business and are in it for the long run.  We take pride in your safety and repeat business.  So yes we are insured and invested in making parties fun all over the DMV.

 What is PICK YOUR BACKDROP photo-ops? ACi offers you professional photography in front of a green screen, with the option to choose the background  you or your client like best.  Great for Promotions, Holidays, Graduations, Reunions, Mitzvahs, Valentines Day, Easter etc.  We can customize the background to meet your specific needs, include your logo or social media address.   We also offer professional photography for your special occasion or business portfolio.