CELEBRATE FAIRFAX Karaoke Competition
will be back in March 2016...
Until then practice singing at the following venues!     

Celebrate Fairfax in association with Associated Consultants is hosting the 7th Annual Fairfax Karaoke Competition.
APPLEBEES, Chantilly, VA Westone Plaza, 4995 Westone (703)378-1133

BANANA CAFE, Washington, DC 500 8th Street, SE, Washingon, DC 202-543-5906    
   outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  

BREAKERS, Herndon, VA 2445 Centreville, Rd, 703-793-6233

JIMBOS Grill, Gainesville, VA 7901 Heritage Village Plaza, 703-793-6233
FRIDAYS outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX 

ROXY'S Lounge & Grill, Leesburg, VA 19345 Promenade Drive, 571-333-7699
outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX 

CHAMPPS Kitchen & Bar, Pentagon City, Va 1201 S. Joyce St., Arlington, VA, 703-414-3601 FRIDAYS  

FINNEGANS IRISH PUB, Ashburn, VA 44050 Ashburn Village Shopping Plaza,(ant) 703-723-5885  MONDAYS outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  

PATRIOTS PUB & GRILL, Fairfax, VA 10376 Fairfax Blvd, (703) 352-5898(jc) FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS

AUSTIN GRILL, Silver Spring, MD 919 Ellsworth Drive, 240-247-8969 SATURDAYS outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  

O'SULLIVANS, Arlington, Va 3207 Washington Blvd 703-812-0939 TUESDAYS outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX   

PLAZA AZTECA, Sterling, VA 45990 Waterview Plaza, 703-430-3510

FLANAGAN'S HARP & FIDDLE, Bethesda, Md 4844 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 301 951-0115

outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  

UGLY MUG, Washington, DC 723 8th ST SE 202-547-8459
outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX 

LA TOLTECA, Fairfax Station, VA 5614 Ox Road 703-425-8844

LOS TOLTECOS, Alexandria, VA 4111 Duke Street, 703-370-4111 FRIDAYSoutside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX .

REVOLUTION, Centreville, VA, 14114 Lee Hwy, (703) 266-1888 FRIDAYS

HARDTIMES CAFE, Fairfax, VA 4069 Chain Bridge Road (703)267-9590

IRELANDS 4 COURTS, Arlington, VA 2051 Wilson Blvd, 703-525-3600
outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX   

Nicks Chop House, Rockville, Md  700 King Farm Blvd, Rockville, MD (301)926-8869 (?) ONLY ONCE

APPLEBEES, Fredericksburg, VA 2851 Plank Rd, Fredericksburg, Va 540-785-9944 

BUFFALO WING UNIVERSITY, Fairfax, VA    10312 Willard Way, Fairfax, VA (703) 273-6336  TUESDAYS

 MEDITERRANEAN BREEZE, Herndon, VA    781 Station Street, Herndon, Va 703-435-4495  SATURDAY MAY 9 ONLY!   

FINNEGANS, 44050 Ashburn Village Shopping Plaza,Ashburn, Va (?)703-723-5885 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX 
BANANA CAFE 500 8th Street, SE, Washingon, DC 202-543-5906 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX    
NICKS CHOPHOUSE      700 King Farm Blvd, Rockville, MD (301)926-8869 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX MAY 11th ONLY

O'SULLIVANS 3207 Washington Boulevard Arlington, VA 703-812-0939 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  
BUFFALO WING UNIVERSITY,       10312 Willard Way, Fairfax, Va  703-273-6336 

ROXY's 219345 Promenade Drive, Leesburg,, Va 571-333-7699 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX
FLANAGAN's HARP & FIDDLE 4844 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814 301 951-0115outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX
KALYPSOS 41617 Washington Plaza N, Reston,  VA 703-797-0660 (jC)    

PLAZA AZTECA 45990 Waterview Plaza, Sterling, VA 703-430-3510  
LA TOLTECA,5614 Ox Road, Fairfax, VA (cur)703-425-8844
UGLY MUG 723 8th Street SE, Washington DC 202--547-8459 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX   
Old FireStation # 3, Fairfax 10:30pm 3988 University Drive, Fairfax, Va (ant) 703-383-1030 Thursday & Friday

PATRIOTS PUB & GRILL 10376 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 703-352-5898 Fridays & Saturdays
JIMBOS,7901 Heritage Village Plaza, Gainesville, Va, , Va 703-793-6233outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  
LOS TOLTECOS, Alexandria,VA 4111 Duke Street 703-370-4111 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX   
REVOLUTION, 14114 Lee Hwy, Chantilly, VA (703) 266-1888
OLD FIRE STATION # 3, Fairfax 10:30pm 3988 University Drive, Fairfax, Va (ant) 703-383-1030 Thursday & Friday
CHAMPS PENTAGON CITY , 1201 S. Joyce St., Arlington, VA, 703-414-3601 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX  

PATRIOTS PUB & GRILL 10376 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 703-352-5898 Fridays & Saturdays
APPLEBEES, Chantilly        4995 Westone Plaza North Chantilly, VA 703-378-1133
AUSTIN GRILL, 919 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD, Washingon, DC 240-247-8969 outside Fairfax venue FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX
HARDTIMES FAIRFAX 4069 Chain Bridge Road VA (703)267-9590 ,
APPLEBEES, Fredericksburg      2851 Plank Rd, Fredericksbrg, VA   540-785-9944  FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX 
HMEDETERRANEAN BREEZE, HERNDON, VA 781 Station Street, Herndon, VA (703)435-4495 

BREAKERS 2445 Centreville Road, Herndon, VA 703-793-6233
IRELANDS 4 COURTS 2051 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 703-525-3600 

RULES 2015

General Information

- Individuals only: no duets or groups will be permitted to enter into the competition.

- Members of Celebrate Fairfax, Inc., its Board of Directors, staff, Volunteer Leadership Team, or individuals serving in a sponsor relationship capacity with the Celebrate Fairfax!Festival are strictly prohibited from entering into the competition.

-The karaoke championship will consist of weekly preliminaries ending in Venue Finals, Friends of Fairfax Sing off, then Wild Card Round, Semi-Finals and Finals.

--Preliminary competitions are open to the public and will be held March 16, 2015 to May, 2015 at multiple hosting venues.The preliminary competition will end in Venue Finals, whereby each weekly preliminary venue winners will compete to become the Venue Finalist. Venue Finalist can only represent one Venue at the Wild Card, Semi-finals/Finals at Celebrate Fairfax Karaoke Championship.

--Venue Finals FOR venues OUTSIDE FAIRFAXFriends of Fairfax Venue Finals (venues outside Fairfax) will be May 4th week at each of the preliminary FRIENDS OF FAIRFAX VENUES. Each Venue finalist will go on to a single night SING OFF on TUESDAY MAY 12, 2015 AT NICKS, ALEXANDRIA, VA   Those finalist from the "Sing Off" will advance to the stage at Celebrate Fairfax on June 5th (Fri) 2nd place winners and June 6th (Sat) 1st place winners.

--Venue Finals FOR venues INSIDE FAIRFAX will be held May 11th to May 17th, 2015 at the various venues on the nights they have the competition running.

.--The Wild Card round is a competition of the 2nd place Venue Finalist and will take place at the Celebrate Fairfax Festifval on Friday June 5th, 2015 at the Fairfax Corner Music Café in the Food Court, starting at TBA.

--The Semi-Final/Final competitionis a competition of the 1st place Venue Finalist and will be held at the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 at the Fairfax Corner Music Café in the Food Court.Contestants must report by 5:30 pm


-All Contestants must complete a egistration/release form with signature, on site and within 48 hours of competition must register online ONLINE REGISTRATION CONTESTANT FORMS JUDGES BLANK RULES

-The Wild Card Round will be a competition of Venue Finalist Runner Up winners competing for a chance to compete in the Semi-Finals round on June 5th at 8:00pm, contestants arrive eariler.The number of Wild Card Contestants that will advance to the Semi-Finals is contingent upon the number of slots available.

--Semi-Finals will be broken into three heats, beginning at 5:00pm, 6:00pm and 7:00pm. Two people from each heat will move on to the final competition. Each of the three First Place winners of the semi-final round will win $100 and each of the three Second Place winners will win $50.

--NEW IN 2015 There will be seven (7) finalist in total, comprised of two singers from each of the Semifinal Heats(as described above) and one (1) judges choice pick selected from the remaining semifinal round winners. Each of these contestants will perform two (2) songs during the finals. Judging criteria remains the same as the Semifinal Rounds.

The first selection, the contestant will pick themselves; the second selection will be determined by spinning the "Wheel Of Karaoke" (referred to afterwards as "the wheel"). The wheel will be divided into several musical categories:

- R & B
-90's Rap
-Classic Rock
- Country
- 80's Hair Bands
- 80's/90's Boy (Girl) Bands
- Motown
- Judge's Choice

Contestants will spin the wheel; whatever category the wheel stops on, the contestant has the option to pick a song from that category OR take a second (and FINAL) spin. If the contestant chooses to take a second spin, they MUST sing the genre selected by the wheel during that spin.

There will be a songbook on site with music broken down by category as pertains to this option.

-At the Finals, which occurs after the fireworks display, the Grand Prize winner will receive $1500, the Runner-Up will receive $750 (these winnings are in lieu of the semi-final prize money).

-Contestant winners are responsible for paying any federal or state income taxes on any monies won while participating in the Fairfax County Karaoke Championship. A 1099- MISC will be issued to any contestant who wins $600 or more per federal law.

-Contestants cannot compete at this year's competition if he/she placed in the top 3 within the last two years.

Hosting Venue Guidelines

-All venues hosting a preliminary competition must use Karaoke/DJ services provided by Associated Consultants, Inc. during the preliminary rounds and venue finals of the Fairfax County Karaoke Championship.

-Each hosting venue must f unless otherwise approved by CFI staff. The date of the competition is to be reported to Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. staff at least two weeks in advance.

-Each hosting venue must select judges,they will not be supplied by Celebrate Fairfax, Inc.

-Four (4) adult general admission tickets for the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival will be given to each hosting venue to be distributed at the discretion of the venue management.

-One (1) on-site surface parking pass for the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival will be given to each hosting venue’s general manager or other management position.

Hosting venues are responsible for having the appropriate equipment for the karaoke competition.

-Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. will publicize each venue’s preliminary competition through e- blasts, press releases, and the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival website.

-Each hosting venue is encouraged to publicize that venue's preliminary competition and is offered asssitance in that endeavor by ACi. All publications are to adhere to the family oriented spirit of the competition.

-Contest organizers have the right to exclude any preliminary competition winner if such individual was selected in a non-prescribed manner.

Preliminary Competition Rules

-Preliminary competitions will begin no earlier than March, 2015and will c onclude no later May, 2015, unless otherwise approved by CFI staff.

-Preliminary competitions will be held at various locations within Fairfax County and Outside Fairfax County during various dates and times during preliminary rounds.The Outside Fairfax County competitions are defined as “Friends of Fairfax” For updated listings see www.AssociatedConsultants.NET

-Venue Finals are finals located at the various venues during the end of the preliminary rounds.During the Venue Finals all previous weeks winners (from that venue) will compete in a final round ending in First place, Second Place and Third Place Winners.The First place Venue finalist will go on to compete on stage at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival on Saturday June 6, 2015.The Second Place Venue Finalist will go on to compete in the Wild Card Round on stage at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival on Friday June 5, 2015.And the Third place Venue winners will be alternates in the event the First or Second Place Venue Finalist cannot compete.

- VENUE FINALS for locations WITHIN Fairfax County will occur the week of May 11-17, 2015 AT EACH INDIVIDUAL VENUE. All venues weekly preliminary winners will compete during this week at the individual Venue for the spot to represent that venue at the June 6th, 2014 Celebrate Fairfax Karaoke ske competition.

-VENUE FINALS for locations OUTSIDE OF Fairfax County, known as FRIENDS OF FAIRFAXwill occur during the week of May 4th, 2015.  All Winners of each of the preliminary OUTSIDE Fairfax venues will then go on to a sing off to be held one night  TUESDAY MAY 12, 2015 AT Nicks in Alexandria, Va.   Winners from the one night sing off will fill semi-final/final spots At Celebrate Fairfax on stage on June 5th, 2015 "Wild Card" (2nd place) and June 6th, 2015  "Semi/ Finals(1st place).

- Friends of Fairfax VENUE FINALISTS, Venue Finalists from locations OUTSIDE of Fairfax County will compete at a location and time a single night “sing off” for a limited number of spots that progress to the competition at the June 5th, 2015 Celebrate Fairfax Karaoke competition. Check on www.AssociatedConsultants.NET.

-All winners, including preliminary winners are to check AssociatedConultants.NET and on a regular basis for updates. Email notifications will occur to preliminary winners from confirming their registration is complete and other info.If you do not receive a confirming email please email pam@AssociatedConsultants.NET

-Contestants must be of legal age to enter a venue hosting the competition.

-Contestants must place at a venue during the qualifying contest and compete at the venue's final to determine if they will win a place at the semi-finals/finals at Celebrate Fairfax Festivial Championship and/or Wild Card Round.

-The amount of contestants at a qualifying round will be determined by the hosting venue.

-The host, agents and judges reserve the right to declare the maximum amount of contestants and close registration at any reasonable point in the competition.

- Contestants may compete at more than one location during the preliminary rounds (qualifying rounds). But a qualifying contestant may only win one Venue Final slot which advances to the Wild Card (2nd place venue finalist) or Semi-Final/Finals(1st place venue finalist) at Celebrate Fairfax Karaoke Championship

-Venue Finalist Contestants can only represent one location at the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival semi-finals and finals.

-Only one representative from each venue, called a Venue Finalist, will be selected to compete in the semi-finals. Should the first place winner not be available to compete at the Celebrate Fairfax!Festival, the runner-up from that venue will be selected by default.

-First place winners of the preliminary competitions Venue Final will receive a four (4) adult general admission tickets and one (1) on-site surface parking pass for the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival valid on the day of the semi-final and final rounds, Saturday June 6th, 2015.

-Second Place Winners of the preliminary competition Venue Final will receive one general admission ticket for the Fair for Friday June 5th, 2015.Wild Card Winners will then receive four (4) adult general admission tickets and one (1) on-site surface parking pass for the Celebrate Fairfax! Festivalvalid Saturday, June 6th, 2015.

-Contestants must comply with any other rules or stipulations provided and/or enforced by the hosting venue. See Registration page 1under “Specifics”

-All WEEKLY Preliminary contestants and Venue Finalists each week during the preliminaries are to go online at www.AssociatedConsultants.NET/contestants and complete registration contact information at least 48 hours after winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the preliminary & Venue Finals rounds.

Semi-Final and Final Competitions Rules

-The semi-final and final rounds are family friendly competitions. Absolutely NO foul language or questionable lyrics during contestants’ performances or otherwise while participating in the contest.

-If you are not sure if your song choice is appropriate, please email Anthony at Anthony@AssociatedConsultants.NET with “Karaoke Competition” in the subject line and include the following information: your name, phone number, email address, the name of the song, artist, and version (if other then the original).

-Songs containing vulgar or explicit sex lyrics will not be allowed. Contestants who, during their performance, use vulgar lyrics or perform in an obscene manner will be disqualified from competition. (Please refer to Semi-Final and Final Competitions Rule #1)

-Performances will be limited to five minutes. Choose your song wisely. If it is longer than five, be prepared to give a big finish at the five-minute mark.

-Contestants must choose their song(s) from a list provided by Associated Consultants, Inc.. Find the SONGLIST 2015

-When checking in, inform the hosting DJof your song choice.

-Contestants must BE ON TIME for Check In.Any contestant that is late for check in/the initial briefing will be docked 5 points from their score total.Check in time is TBA.

-The order of performance shall be decided by luck of the draw. Each contestant shall put their name in provided container and each name shall be drawn out by the DJ and/or host.

-We don’t mind if someone else is doing your song. But if we see a duplicate we will give you the option to change before the show. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE!

-Each contestant shall use only the equipment provided by the DJ running the show. NO outside equipment by contestant or anyone other than the DJ shall be used.

-Contestants MAY NOT utilize live props. This will include back-up singers, dancers or animals. Non-human props such as costumes and other accessories are permitted.

-Musical instruments may be used as props, but are not allowed as an accompaniment to the contestant's performance. Such musical instruments must be hand carried. Larger instruments that utilize the aid of others to bring them on stage, or are difficult to handle are NOT permitted (i.e. a piano, harp, etc..).

-Any prop used by a contestant must be carried on stage by the contestant and must be completed in one trip onto the stage area. The contestant must remove any and all props used immediately following his/her own performance.

-Any contestant that allows others to sing along with him/her by surrendering the microphone shall be disqualified. (This does NOT include holding the microphone in the air for the audience or a group in the audience to sing along with the back ground vocals.)

-Any contestant guilty of distracting any of the other contestants while they are performing shall be disqualified.

-Any contestant with behavior that is insulting or might start any confrontation with any of the audience or other contestants shall be disqualified

-Any contestant found damaging equipment shall be disqualified.

-Any contestant that faces the dreaded malfunction of the equipment has the option of starting over. Examples: feedback, skipping of disk, and loss of microphone. (This DOES NOT include the contestant bumping into the equipment causing a skip or turning off microphone while singing.)

Semi-Final and Final Competitions Judging

-Championship Judging (Semi-Final and Final Competitions)

-NOTE: Rules and guidelines for judging in the preliminary competitions will be set by each hosting venue. And can be found at www.AssociatedConsultants.NET

-Contestants will be judged in the following five categories:

a.Physical Presentation b.Crowd Reaction & Participationc.Choreography/Entertainment Ability

d.Vocal Presentatione.Overall Performance

-Each contestant shall be judged on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest score for each category (i.e. the lowest score possible is a 5 and the highest is a 50 from each judge).

-In the case of a tie in any round of the Fairfax County Karaoke Championship, a tie breaking sing-off will take place in which each of the tying contestants will sing an additional song to be judged. The song sung in the sing-off must not be the same song used in either the semi-final or final rounds of the competition.

-Contestants advancing from semi-finals to finals may NOT sing the same song in both rounds.

-Contestants will sing one judged song. In each round, if at the end of the first judged song there is a tie, the contestants, who are tied for first place only, will sing another judged song. Contestants are not allowed to repeat the song used for the first judged song. Should this method not break the tie, the judges will collaborate between each other and decide a winner.

-Contestants, their family or associates are not allowed to have contact with a competition judge before or during any competition connected with Celebrate Fairfax, Inc. Contact includes verbal conversations and handshakes.

-Decisions of the judges are final. No arguing with judges is allowed. Any contestant, their family or associates who argue with a judge may be deemed to be using offensive behavior and the contestant may be disqualified from the competition.

-Tips for song choice and performance:

--Keep in mind the judging rubric when picking songs and performing.

--Avoid songs with big instrumental breaks.

-- Keep it short and up-tempo so you can get the audience involved.

--Leaving the stage area during a performance is not prohibited but contestants should be aware it does make it difficult for the judges and audience to follow.

Questions? Call Glenn at 703-323-7972 or email pam@AssociatedConsultants.NET

Or check out Celebrate Fairfax website at

Championship in cooperation with Associated Consultants, Inc www.AssociatedConsultants.NET

Good Luck!